Visual Novel miracles

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Visual Novel miracles

Post  Mew Mint on Thu May 01, 2008 11:20 am

After I realized that Alice does not know tha Air, I decided to write a thread about it. There is a popular game genre in Japan, the so-called visual novels. You play a girl or a guy and you interact characters with the help of dialogues. The whole game cosists of dialogues with beautiful backgrounds and character arts. There are dating sims, which are nice love games, and eroges, which have hentai in them. Both subgenre is often made to anime series without any hentai theme. These series focus on a guy or girl who meets other characters. No evil magic, no action scenes, nothing can disturb this place. It's about romance. Secret love, affair, fun and anything what suits a story like these. The characters are very stereotypical here. Shy, angry but caring secretly, hyperactive, glassy clumsy and all kind of personalities you know.
Air is a classic of this anime genre. The CG animation was just awesome the time when the series came out. Beautiful breathing scenery with emotional characters. Anime series like Mär or Naruto look graphically a piece of garbage compared to Air. The main heroine is Misuzu, a young girl, who acts like a little child. I think she invented the habit in the anime world to speak something nonsense in her sentences. She has the habit to say "Gao" (dinosaur sound effect). She's obsessed with dinosaurs. The main character is a grey haired guy who has the ability of telekinesis, but this does not make a sense in the whole story, just interesting. He's wandering around "the world" searching for a girl with wings he saw in his dream. He meets the girls in this town (like in the game but that was an eroge game) and talks with them. The story is about the characters. This piece is really unique. It's hard to understand at first look. However, it's worth to watch the 13 episodes.
One of my favourite visual novel anime series is Otome was boku ni koishiteru. It's just a weird one. The main character is a trap. Trap is a male character who looks like female to give him a lesbian feeling or I dont know what's for. Japanese are sick you know. Sooo...our guy must go to an all-girl school because his grandfather wants him to go (what a dumb idea XD). He looks like a she and his best friend, Anna, helps him to live there. He gets a loli and a hyper teenager girl as a roommate. That's not enough. The ghost of a schoolgirl is revived and she thinks our hero is her female love (She died in the room because she waited for that girl. What a nonsense again, but it rocks XD). This ghost girl is the most dumb character I have ever seen. This is a funny series, but has no sense at all.

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Re: Visual Novel miracles

Post  Dynamo on Thu May 22, 2008 7:29 am

I've never heard of Air before.. Maybe I should watch it sometime.

Visual novels are awesome, I'd like to play so many of them..
The only visual novel game I've played is Enzai.. It's yaoi. *cough* I kept killing(I think there were multiple endings where the main character died..) the main character, because I didn't like him at all. XD

I've watched an anime based on a visual novel (an erogen one.. ^^'), called Demonbane. I watched it because it had all these H.P Lovecraft references.. :3

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