Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)

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Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)

Post  Mew Mint on Sun May 18, 2008 11:31 am

I just spent about 1 hour to dig up the DVD of this great series. I watched it long ago, but I always remember of it. Alice Academy is not well known. However, it's nice, funny, entertaining and interesting among anime series.


Our heroine, Sakura Mikan (first time I saw Sakura as family name), just follows her best friend, Hotaru, who was disappeared without telling anything to her. Mikan's travel ends at a gate of a mysterious estate. Then she meets with a nice man she mistakes firstly for a woman XD, who captures there a fire-manipulator bishounen. Mikan cant believe what she saw, but she decides to stay in the Alice Academy. She meets later her best friend and other special people of the academy.


Alice academy is a school for talented humans with special abilities. The academy is self a little world with a town, college, park, and each education level has its own building. The students get fee called rabbits which can be spent for goodies. The special ability is called alice. I think it's so great and unique name for somebody's ability. Just a good idea! Alices are very different kind and power. There are fire, ice, wind alice, time travel alice, cooking alice etc. It was even a guy who had the joketelling alice which makes people laugh. XD Lol! There are star ranks for the student whose alice is useful. The Alice academy and its students are supported by the government.

Main characters

Mikan: She's a crybaby and she excels at getting in trouble. However, she has a heart of gold and friendly even to people who hates her. She has a strange relationship with her best friend who is teasing her a lot. I dont tell you her alice.

Hotaru: Mikan's best friend. She's short black-haired, cold looking girl who creates unique inventions with her alice. My favourite is the baka gun which good for "knocking out idiots". XD Hotaru does not show emotions, but she's a caring person in a strange way.

Natsume: Our Alviss-like character is here. He dislikes Mikan because he cant understand her positive feelings. He has a dark secret.

Ruka: This blondie is Natsume's closest friend. He's a shy guy carrying a rabbit around him. He has a crush on Mikan thatswhy he's always teased by Hotaru (This woman is such an evil but I love her). He has the animal-pheromon alice so animals are easily attracted by him.

Natsumi: Mikan's teacher and mentor. I thought he's a she, but he's a male. He has the human-pheromon alice so he has a strange effect on people. He can attract even men to him using his power. XD However, he's not the person we think.

One of my favourite characters is the always-smiling Noda-sensei who has the time travel alice. However, he cant control it and he is often disappearing without any warning while he's speaking. XD He's the leader of the special ability class (SA: Class for people who have not useful abilities).

-Great entertaining stuff for weekends and afternoons.
-Creative special ability system and world.
-Nice characters without annoying anime glitches like yaoi and loli.

-It does not follow the story of a manga where is a lot of good things.
-Not a real story, just everyday life in a school of godlike children. XD

Graphics 5/5
Music 5/5
Story 5/3
Overall 5/5

Mew Mint

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Re: Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)

Post  Dynamo on Thu May 22, 2008 7:31 am

Nice review! :3
I like to watch everyday life-animes. *adds Alice Academy to the growing list of "must watch sometime" anime*

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